Joseph Jenkins Roberts: The World’s First Black American President

Joseph Jenkins Roberts: The World’s First Black American President

2017 will mark the 170th anniversary of the world’s first Black American President…move over Barack

Welcome to your greatest discovery – Liberia – a treasure trove of sights and sounds along 360 miles of pristine Atlantic beach front on Africa’s tropical western coast. Africa’s first republic established in 1847 by freed American slaves, Liberia had already boasted the world’s first10 Black American descendants as Liberian Presidents, before President Barack Obama’s election as America’s first African American President in 2008.

1n 1847, Joseph Jenkins Roberts, born free in Norfolk, Virginia and an immigrant to Liberia in 1829 was elected as Liberia’s first President in a democratic election in 1847.  A Republican, he served as Liberia’s first president until 1856.  Following President Roberts were 9 other African Americans descendants, also born in various parts of the United States.

Liberia is a country defined by two heritages, indigenous and black American.  A visit to Liberia uncovers both our historical values of which we are proud.  Edina, Buchanan, Greenville, Careysburg, Johnsonville, Harper and Monrovia provide ample opportunities to see the indelible footprints of our African American heritage. 

Liberia has a rich indigenous heritage dating back to the 12th century when traders called Liberia Costa da Pimenta, because of the abundance of melegueta pepper.

In 2005, Liberia made another ‘first’ in history by electing the world’s first black woman President and Africa’s first.

Explore our rich history, cultures, people, foods, beaches, parks, waterfalls, mountains, nightlife and the reasons visitors say “I just love Liberia.” 

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