Major Cities


Bomi Hills (Photo – Blue Lake)

Buchanan  (Photo – Sunset Beach)

Careysburg  (Photo of Wulki Farms horses)

Firestone  (Staff Club Golf Course)

Ganta  (Ganta Street)

Gbarnga  (Kpatawee Waterfall)

Greenville  (Historical homes)

Fish Town  (Beach with rocks)

Harper  (Coconut trees lined beach or light house)

Kakata  (BWI)

Monrovia  (Cityscape from Ducor)

Robertsport  (Beach with surfer)

Sanniquellie  (3 huts from OAU signing)

Yekepa (mountains)

Quotes From Liberia

  • Future generations will judge us not by what we say, but what we do.

    Ellen Johnson Sirleaf - President of Liberia
  • If the townspeople are happy, look for the chief.

    Liberian Proverb
  • I'm now on a journey to fulfill the wish,
    in my tiny capacity, of little African girls.

    Leymah Gbowee - Nobel Peace Laureate
  • A little rain each day will fill the rivers to overflowing.

    Liberian Proverb
  • The size of your dreams must always exceed your current capacity to achieve them. If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.

    Ellen Johnson Sirleaf - President of Liberia
  • To the patient man will come all the riches of the world.

    Liberian Proverb